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What is the date of service fulfilment?

Voucher for the flight purchased in the e-store may be fulfilled within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Where do flights in the wind tunnel take place?

The SpeedFly tunnel is located by the airport in Mirosławice, at: ul. Lotnicza 8, 55-050 Mirosławice. Getting there from the Shopping Mall Aleja Bielany by a national road no. 35 in the direction of Świdnica takes about 15 minutes.

How much time is needed for flying in the wind tunnel?

You need to set aside about 2 hours for the visit at SpeedFly. You need to arrive 45 minutes earlier in order to undergo a training and choose a suit.

How to prepare for flying in the wind tunnel?

You need to take the voucher for the flight with you and lace-up sports shoes. Before executing the order, the flying person should sign a declaration about their health condition. In the case of minors – the documents should be filled on their behalf by their parent or legal guardian.

How to dress for flying in the wind tunnel?

It is recommended to wear a comfortable, sports outfit and very well-fitted closed-toe laced-up shoes.

Who can fly in the wind tunnel?

Everyone more than 4 years old can fly. The maximum weight of a flier is 130 kg

What are the contraindications for flying in the wind tunnel?

Health contraindications to flying include: heart and lung diseases, asthma, epilepsy, neurological diseases, contagious diseases, locomotor system diseases (including spine, shoulders, joints), recent fractures and stitched wounds. They require the prior consultation with a doctor.

What are the dates of flights in SpeedFly?

Flights take place in the tunnel seven days a week from 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM. It is necessary to book the date in advance in order to guarantee availability and facilitate organization of flights.

What is the minimum and maximum age of people flying in the wind tunnel?

The tunnel offers completely safe entertainment to people from the age of four. There is no upper age limit. However, children and youth may only fly after presenting a written declaration of parents or legal guardians. It is also mandatory that the parent or legal guardian be present during the child’s flight.

Do you fly one by one in the tunnel?

At one time in the tunnel there is only one beginner and the instructor. The other people flying wait for their turn to enter the tunnel.

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