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Information for PRO-Fliers

Information for PRO-Fliers | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Perfect conditions for training

State-of-the-art wind tunnel

The SpeedFly tunnel allows to fly up 15 meters, and the maximum air speed reaches 320 km/h. Comfortable conditions are additionally provided by the diameter of the tunnel which is 4.3 m. Thanks to that SpeedFly creates great conditions for professional training.

Try yourself up high

Skidiving zone

If you are a diver, then you will be happy to hear that right next to our wind tunnel there is a skydiving zone.

Dives are organized every weekend during the season.

Information for PRO-Fliers | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Find out if you can fly

Am I a

A PRO flier in SpeedFly is any skydiver with a license, student-diver (people who began the AFF or Static Line training or have completed the training, but do not have the license yet), and anyone preparing for the independent skydiver course.

PRO-Fliers are also people who have never dived before but who have flown minimum 60 minutes in the wind tunnel and have flying skills allowing for independent flying without a direct supervision of the supervisor.


In SpeedFly you can fly either in your suit, helmet or gloves, or you can rent the necessary equipment on the spot.

In the tunnel it is forbidden to fly with a helmet with mounted camera holders, video equipment or external, metal elements. In SpeedFly it is also forbidden to fly in dark goggles – the instructor must see all the signals and react properly to them.

Offer for PRO-Fliers

We have a special offer for all PRO-Fliers: PRO Flying Academy.

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