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How does the tunnel work?

How does the tunnel work? | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

How does the aerodynamic tunnel work?

How is it possible that the air lifts an adult and enables them to fly? We have an answer to that! In the wind tunnel, constant air flow is used that is produced by wind turbines. The air passes through openings in the upper part of the tunnel and, after suitable processing, it returns through its lower part. As a result, a dense airflow is created which enables flying, and that takes place in a closed circuit.

Train before the dive

Perfect for having fun and training

The vertical wind tunnel Speedfly enables a wide group of customers to feel the emotions that are experienced by divers when skydiving, because vertical wind tunnels are used by skydivers for trainings. However, they are also perfect for spending time actively with children, family or friends, and together experience the exciting moments that up until now were reserved for only for the few. In the wind tunnel SpeedFly the air flow lifts the fliers vertically even to 15 m.

How does the tunnel work? | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

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