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What is indoor skydiving?

What is indoor skydiving? | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

The beginnings of
indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving is a relatively young sports discipline. Its beginnings date back to the 1950s of the previous century when American army started the construction of wind tunnels in order to decrease the funds alloted to special trainings for commandos. The necessity to use a plane each time when a training was to be conducted made maneuvers very expensive and time-consuming. So the wind tunnel was invented – an alternative for commandos who, from then on, could devote more time to trainings and could improve their skills useful during free falling in a cheaper way.

What is indoor skydiving? | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Available for everyone

With time, the idea of wind tunnels went outside the military, and about 10 years ago, not only skydivers started to use them but also people who had never dived before. The general availability of wind tunnels contributed to the development of this sport.

At present, there is a bigger and bigger interest in this topic, in year 2016 itself 30 new wind tunnels were created. Indoor skydiving was also divided into several disciplines: Formation (FS), Vertical Formation (VFS), Dynamic (D4W, D2W) i freestyle.

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