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Organization of events

Example projects

Organization of events | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Package 21

Number of minutes: 21

Max. number of fliers: 7 people

Description: A flight package for a seven-person organized group is a chance to take part in a unique event. The participants learn to fly one by one in the wind tunnel. Experienced instructors show how easy it is to float in the air. Before that, you get a flight suit, helmet, ear plugs and goggles. It is a high-level entertainment and a one-of-a-kind experience!

Organization of events | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Package 30

Number of minutes: 30

Max. number of fliers: 10 people

Description: A thirty-minute flying session in the tunnel is a proposal for an organized group of a maximum ten persons. This solution is for those who start their tunnel adventure: for a business event, birthday or special occasions. In order to experience the sense of a sky-high adventure you do not need any specialist knowledge – you can learn everything at the training and all necessary equipment is available on site.

Organization of events | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Package 42

Number of minutes: 42

Max. number of fliers: 14 people

Description: A proposal for a maximum of 14 people. A flight in the wind tunnel is a completely safe entertainment for those who want to spend time in an interesting way. There is always an experienced instructor who accompanies the flier and cares about the safety and comfort of the flight. The instructor also helps to get in the right position. The wind tunnel is a great fun for people over 4 years old. The only requirement is good health.

Organization of events | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Take care of your employees

Did you know that more and more employees pay attention to fringe benefits when choosing a new place of employment? HR specialists know that it is not easy to convince a good specialist to take up employment in a particular company. Currently, more and more employers are aware that we have the employee market and a satisfied employee is an effective employee.

Organization of events | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Are you a conscious employer?

The time joyfully spent together away from the office bustle is a perfect solution for effective teambuilding. The SpeedFly wind tunnel is a fantastic place to organize a company event. The amazing fun allows for integration, and the unique character of the venue provides relaxation and comfortable feeling.

Perfect space for business

SpeedFly is a unique attraction that arouses emotions that you will not be able to feel anywhere else. SpeedFly is the only place where you can organize a company party which involves total detachment from reality. Flights in the wind tunnel are a very exciting and fully safe pastime.

In order to take your first steps in indoor skydiving, you do not need to be athletic, certainly everyone will make it in the tunnel (with a little help from an instructor :)).

Organize flights in the wind tunnel for your employees, and you can be sure that your company event will remain unforgettable.

What is in the package?

In addition to flights in the tunnel, the package also includes training and instructor care as well as the rental of flight suit, helmets and goggles.

Additional services

In the SpeedFly wind tunnel, you can also use such services as: company catering and rental of training rooms with multimedia equipment. We have over 300 sq. m of roofed event space available for use.

Why Speedfly?

Why is Speedfly event offer worth your interest? Because it is:

  • a possibility to organize a unique meeting: group, business, integration or incentive
  • a unique opportunity to actively spend your time 
  • an unforgettable impression of detachment from reality
Organization of events | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Unique place

SpeedFly is one of the world’s five wind tunnels combined with a parachute zone. In addition to flights in the tunnel, parachuting and sightseeing flights, the offer includes a visit to the airport and flying shows in the wind tunnel. All these attractions together create a unique proposal on the European level.

The location close to the A4 motorway provides easy access (only 15 minutes from Bielany Wrocławskie), and the unique nature of the attractions guarantees unforgettable experiences.

Speedfly is the space to organize:

  • teambuilding and incentive meetings
  • training, seminars and conferences
  • special receptions
  • banquets
  • picnics (with a grill or a bonfire)
  • sports events

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