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For children

For children | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Bring your kid to SpeedFly

Make dreams come true together

We often hear from parents bringing their children to SpeedFly that flying had always been their own great dream. Because possibilities used to be smaller, the parents now fulfill their dreams along with the dreams of their children.

So if your child shyly mentions that they would like to fly, know that they are not the only one! IN an easy way you can fulfill their dreams – bring them to SpeedFly and meet the flying enthusiasts together.

For children | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Sport and awesome fun

The SpeedFly wind tunnel allows for safe flying above the ground with the use of an air flow. Its speed is specifically adjusted to the posture of a young flier in such a way that they could enjoy free flying without obstacles.

SpeedFly instructors adjust the speed of the air each time individually, taking into consideration body weight, skills and the level of advancement of the flier.

Already from a young age

Also for the youngest

Are you still hesitating? Indoor skydiving is the only air sport that can be practiced from the age of four. It is fully safe! During the flight the instructor is together with the child in the wind tunnel.

Natural potential

Very often it is the youngest that show their great potential in the tunnel. Children learn to fly “naturally” and thanks to that the wind tunnel is the source of great fun to them.

Flying school

We also prepared, with the youngest in mind, the original program Flying Academy SpeedFly.

Unforgettable party


The birthday of your child is coming and you are still looking for an inspiration for a gift? You’ve come to the right place! The wind tunnel SpeedFly is the perfect space for organizing birthdays. We can prepare an awesome party for small and big groups of both children and adults.

The offer – apart from flights – also includes catering and room hire. The organization of special events in SpeedFly raises an event to a still higher level.

For children | Tunel Aerodynamiczny SpeedFly

Lessons for schools

The wind tunnel is a place that is a perfect source of inspiration and development. It is the space in which children can learn how gravity works and what mechanisms rule the surrounding world. Trained SpeedFly instructors conduct the presentation and talk about the mechanisms of physics that allow to fly.

Such a trip may additionally turn into sports classes. For those willing also lessons on the Mirosławice airport, which can boast of its 80-year long tradition, are conducted.

Remember that in order to enroll your child in the Flying Academy, you do not need to invest in a suit and helmet. All the necessary equipment can be hired here without any additional costs.

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